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How can I help you?

I currently specialise in weight loss, strength building, flexibility, life coaching and confidence building.


During my many years experience, I have achieved the following certifications:

  • Level 4 Advanced Personal Training Diploma

  • Les Mills’ Body Pump Instructor

  • Les Mills’ Advanced Body Attack Instructor

  • Nutrition and Weight Management

  • Fitness and Lifestyle

  • PTLLS Teacher Trainer Qualification

  • A1 Assessor Qualification 

  • 1st class honours degree in Performing Arts

(so no boring classes with me!)​

What makes me unique?

 I am totally committed to my clients and their goals. Their goals become my goals and I will do everything in my power to get them to where they want to be. I offer additional outdoor activities with clients such as hill walking, outdoor cycling and organise social events from time to time.  I believe it’s important to feel a part of a community and it is also motivational and lots of fun!  

I am passionate about fitness! Whether it be challenging myself by running up Snowdon, cycling from London to Paris or even going on Ninja Warrior! I love a challenge and that’s what makes me tick! I am also hugely passionate about helping others to become the best version that they can be of themselves.

View some of my client success stories below

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 My client wanted to reach the 90kg mark and he also wanted to become fitter and healthier in the process.


He had a nasty shoulder injury too which was very debilitating. This restricted us to what we could do but each week we worked on it, a little bit more each time.

Within our time together he smashed his target loosing a total of 34.2kg! His shoulder no longer became an issue, and we went on to walk the Yorkshire 3 Peaks along with some more of my clients and the trip went down in history! 


What a guy.. He’s a reason why never to give up!

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 "I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Kathy, she was a great motivator and supported me throughout the whole process. 


In total I lost just over 5 and a half stone! 


Not only did we have our usual fun sessions in the gym, Kathy was always a big believer in having fun outside of the gym too and we often went on walks along with Kathy’s other clients. 


The social side was great as we had a lot of laughs along the way, I believe it all played a big part in achieving my goals!


Kathy was a major inspiration and I don’t believe I could have done this without her."

My client told me she’s been battling with weight loss for a long time and no matter what ‘diet’ she tried, nothing ever worked!


So, I suggested she trained with me twice a week and if she didn’t feel any different within a month she could have her money back…


Well, within that month with exercise and nutritional guidance, she lost 5kg and by the 3rd month she’d dropped 2 dress sizes, this girl was on a roll!! 


She worked hard and was committed to the program, I was hugely proud of her efforts and not only this I had a gained a good friend. 


This girl rocks.

 "Kathy is massively passionate about what she does, she doesn’t do things by half that’s for sure! We met a couple of years ago and we hit it off straight away. 


Throughout my time with Kathy I lost 3 stone and I’d never felt better. My confidence was a new found thing and I totally embraced it.


Our sessions were tough but she always made it fun, her energy was unlimited and that never ceased to amaze me!


I would recommend Kathy to anyone, she’s a top class PT coach with a great personality."

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My client seemed pretty fed up when it came to the gym and she asked if I could help.


We sat down together and looked at nutrition and what things we could do when it came to exercise. I felt the main thing Flo needed was someone to be accountable to and I was that person. You could see the change in her persona within the first week!


Her body changed very quickly too - It was just a case of a few tweaks and she was set!


A fantastic girl who totally embraced everything I gave her and you can see that through her results!




"I was sick of feeling sluggish and frumpy and asked Kath to sort me out, within 1 month I lost just under a stone.


My clothes felt looser, I was LOADS happier and my outlook on life has totally changed!


I would recommend her to everyone!"





Just WOW . . .


I watched this lady change in front of my eyes!


Within a matter of months she had dropped 2 dress sizes and was loads more energised!


She is a legend and I’m so proud of her achievements! 

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" I wasn’t in the greatest of places in my life when I started to train with Kath and I can honestly say she helped to turn it around.


I felt fitter and stronger and I became the person who I was deep down, I just didn’t know how to do it alone - she has literally changed my life."

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